Top 3 Marketing Techniques

It is every work at home entrepreneur’s nightmare;”How do I market my home based business”The internet can be a very complicated and often daunting place when you are a work-alone entrepreneur, you have no-one to bounce your ideas off and it can be quite an isolated career. This is all the more reason why you want to see your home business succeed! Marketing any business requires knowledge of the consumer. In what ways can you utilize the internet (amongst other means) to find out about your customers and your work at home business? It is this very question that has led to the Top 3 Marketing Techniques (not to be confused with off page SEO) of your home based business.EMAILThe world is moving at a very fast pace, but what medium has stayed the same throughout the years!? Email marketing is still the most potent of viral marketing options when you have something worth marketing! Unlike social networking, emails will only be forwarded; A) To Friends, Family and Colleagues and B) If it is something worth sharing!If you can come up with an email campaign that is content rich, informative and genuinely helpful then you are a fair way along on the road to success with email marketing. There is a 70% greater click through rate with email marketing than any other and who knows…your next publication could be one of the few that make it around the world!SURVEYSIt may not sound like a groundbreaking work at home technique to drive people to your site, but try and think about surveying in all its variations and potential. Ever noticed how the people that stop you in the street make a lasting impression (be it good or bad!) and at the end of the survey, try to sell you something? I know, it’s annoying but it clearly demonstrates the advantage of social compliance. The survey gives an authoritative position and people are more likely to engage, trust and listen to a complete stranger if it is in the guise of a survey. “They care about my opinion…so it must be good!”People like to be listened to and they often aren’t. Using surveys to give the people a voice will credit your home business with a degree of authority in the active community your niche operates within.Now, do this online and you can not only generate a huge interest by offering a small reward for the completed survey from customers and affiliate marketers alike…but you can also drive a significant amount of very targeted, informed and optimistic traffic to your website.Once all is said and done…you will have a nice database of opinions too!DIRECT MAILDirect mail does not have to be boring or as expensive as you think! In light of recent economical turmoil many mailing specialists are offering a very good discount on their ‘own image’ direct mail services for work at home and small businesses. Put simply, a direct mail marketing campaign could end up costing you around the same…if not less…than a ppc campaign with google. Now, bare in mind with a search engine it is fluid…you may not be the choice forever and equally, 6 months down the line who did click the ad will not remember you. A postcard size Direct Mail however, will give your work at home audience more information than a search engine result summary…it can be put to one side for constant reference…and it can quite effectively drive a healthy amount of traffic to your website or home business phone line.A key point to remember is to attract the attention of the reader and not SELL THEM! Selling should be done at the other end be it on the website or over the phone. I for one, purely because I know better, almost always dispose of Direct Mail that sells me something in the blink of eyelid. Direct Mail that gives me an opportunity to find out more and that promises a profession service…almost always gets a read!Why not link all Top 3 Marketing Techniques together in next months marketing campaign!?These marketing techniques have stood the test of time and as such, remain a valid alternative to reach those who you would not normally attract through pay-par-click, on/offline advertisements and social networks.Everyone knows it’s about quality customers…not necessarily quantity (although both would be nice!)…Work at Home

Website Traffic Marketing

The human factor is very significant when it comes to website traffic marketing. To put it briefly, the human factor refers to the ability of people, individually and together, to bring about a change in the popularity levels of any given website. This can be done through individual independent reviews, voluntary linking programs and of course, word of mouth. All these factors point towards one fact- the content that is published on the website should be of the highest quality. Whether the content is in the form of a video, audio or text, this detail should not be overlooked.

Website traffic marketing becomes important for any website owner. The success of any website depends on the number of people who visit it on a daily basis. Website traffic marketing can be done in many ways but website owners depend on such methods that give them direct results but without the extra effort. It goes without saying that cyber space is vast and no matter what niche you select, you will definitely have competition. This is why it becomes necessary to make sure that the information on your website is up-to-date and the contact with the audience is direct.

The best way to establish direct contact is through message board and forum discussions. Website owners should do a Google search and find message boards that carry out regular discussions on the topics related to the niche that you have chosen. By giving your opinions on a daily basis- you will establish a name for yourself after which you can promote your products or services. The success of this website traffic marketing technique is guaranteed if you are aware of the rules and regulations of the forum. Website owners also recommend leaving the URL to your website at the end of each message post. This method will not only increase the level of traffic to your website but will also help you to make friends who will support you in the long run. Such “followers” become important for a business to survive.

Even though the message board method of website traffic marketing is not as fast as methods like “Pay Per Click” or as easy as “Buying Ad Space” it is definitely rewarding and undoubtedly effective. This becomes all the more significant if the niche that you have chosen is uncommon and the audience is exclusive. Naturally, the web traffic in this case will be targeted.

Website traffic marketing is made easy with “Article Marketing”. This method will require the website owner to write articles which are related to the niche of your choice. These articles should be sent to well-known and reputed online magazines. For best results, a URL to your website should be included in the author resource box. If the rules of the e-zine are not too stringent, one can also include the link in the beginning and end of the article. If the content of the article is impressive enough, readers will click on the link and be directed to your website.

Postcard Marketing For Beginners

Postcard marketing is something that a lot of business owners don’t use, and that they don’t intend on using anytime soon. But this form of marketing is a great way to boost your sales and profits, and to turn your business around in a hurry. Don’t agree with me? Have you ever tried postcard marketing before? If you said “no”, then I think you should give this article your undivided attention.

Postcards are good because they’re cheaper than a typical direct mail package, and you don’t have to worry about getting them opened – because they’re already open. On one side of your post card, you will want to have a picture of yourself and a “warm message” or a “warm greeting” – that will get your prospect’s attention. Then on the back of your card, you want to include your offer.

Unless you’re sending out a postcard to your previous customers and clients, and they all live in your city, you probably won’t want to try to close the sale via your postcard. But if you collected a list from something like the SRDS, it’s probably in your best interest to just generate a lead, and then follow up on them with your complete sales presentation.

One great way to get the attention of your prospect is to customize their name on the postcard. This will take some additional bit of work… it’s something like “bells and whistles”, but it’s extremely effective. In the online marketing world, customizing a person’s name on a sales letter or email can be easily done. But in the offline world, it takes a few more hours out of the day to customize a good postcard.

So what can you do with a postcard? Well you can do a lot actually. You can substitute it for an entire direct mail piece, and send it off to the masses. Plus they cost a lot less than a traditional direct mail piece. Postcards can do wonders for your business – I can’t even express how effective they are.

If you’re planning on using postcards to mail out 1000 to 5000 pieces at a time, you will find that a lot of people will take you up on your offer. You probably will want to generate a lead like I said above, and then follow up on them with your sales letter. I still use postcards till this day and I love the way that it improves my business.

Any business can use postcards, so if you’re thinking that it’s not for you – think again. You can use it, and you can use it with tremendous effectiveness. But before you get all excited and start mailing out thousands of postcards, you probably will want to get some background knowledge about direct mail in general. This will prep you and give you tips on how to conduct a direct mail campaign that brings in herds of new customers your way.

Postcards are cheap to buy also. There are a ton of websites that offer postcards, so you have no shortage of them. You could probably go to eBay and find great deals on postcards also. No matter where you go, these sources will be available for you.

Use these tips to run a postcard marketing campaign that works now, and far into the future.

Good luck with using this form of marketing in your business today.