The Secret to Good Marketing

How’s It Going?

In my typical day I hear this question a lot. I ask it a lot. Or a question much like it…

‘How ya’ doing?’

My dad was an old cowboy. He says ‘Howdy’ a lot. So do I. Regardless of the question the answer is much like it.


It’s not really an answer because it’s not really a question. We are not really inquiring about someone’s wellbeing. So we are not given an adequate answer. It is simply a thoughtless greeting.

Unfortunately it is much like this in our approach to business. This can be especially true in the network marketing industry. We are in such a hurry telling someone what we want them to do that we forget to find out what they want.

Think about how we make friends. The ones who ultimately are the closest to us are those who show the most interest in us. And they are the ones in whom we show genuine interest.

We have all known people that show very little interest in us but are quick to talk about themselves. They suck the life out of us. We tend to avoid them when we can. It is the reason most of us have caller ID. But when someone shows a deep interest in us… wants to listen to us…

We want that person in our lives.

Good Marketing Is Like a Friendship

We build good friendships by giving. Good marketing is the same way.

A sales pitch is similar to those people who always want to talk about themselves. They are in the relationship for what they can get out of it. A sales pitch does the same thing. It communicates what is in this whole transaction for the salesperson.

A sales pitch is nothing but you telling someone else what you want them to do.

But good marketing is telling someone else what is in it for them. Just like a good friend begins by listening to the other person… good marketing begins by listening.

However in marketing we do not have direct exposure to all of our potential clients. So we have to do our research. We have to know our market and our prospective clients.

Put very simply we need to walk in our potential clients’ shoes. We need to know how they think… what problems they have… what they really want. Just like listening to a friend we need to listen to the needs of our prospects.

Instead of focusing on ‘getting the sale’ focus on getting good information about your prospects. Picture them living their lives. Understand what problems they want to solve. Get a feel for what they are looking for.

Is That How We Do It?

For those of us in direct sales – that includes network marketing – we often fail miserably at this point. Usually we have absolutely no regard for what our prospect really wants. We are so concerned with convincing them to sign on the dotted line that we don’t hear a word they say.

It is all about overcoming objections and moving the client to see things the way we see them. The goal is getting them to act – buy a product or join an organization. We think the main thing is our products or our opportunity. But this misses one crucial point.

The prospect is the most important part of the whole thing.

People don’t buy because you want them to. People buy because of what they want. They have problems they need to solve. So they buy products and services because they want to solve these problems.

Good marketing uncovers these problems and offers genuine solutions. It doesn’t presuppose the problems. It discovers them by listening – researching.

Often people in direct sales make the mistake of being like the person others avoid. They talk on and on about how great the product or opportunity is. But they never stop talking long enough to hear what the customer is saying.

Let your marketing listen for you. Take the time to discover what your customers (prospects) really want. Understand their problems. Then offer genuine solutions the way a listening friend would help you.

Top 3 Marketing Techniques

It is every work at home entrepreneur’s nightmare;”How do I market my home based business”The internet can be a very complicated and often daunting place when you are a work-alone entrepreneur, you have no-one to bounce your ideas off and it can be quite an isolated career. This is all the more reason why you want to see your home business succeed! Marketing any business requires knowledge of the consumer. In what ways can you utilize the internet (amongst other means) to find out about your customers and your work at home business? It is this very question that has led to the Top 3 Marketing Techniques (not to be confused with off page SEO) of your home based business.EMAILThe world is moving at a very fast pace, but what medium has stayed the same throughout the years!? Email marketing is still the most potent of viral marketing options when you have something worth marketing! Unlike social networking, emails will only be forwarded; A) To Friends, Family and Colleagues and B) If it is something worth sharing!If you can come up with an email campaign that is content rich, informative and genuinely helpful then you are a fair way along on the road to success with email marketing. There is a 70% greater click through rate with email marketing than any other and who knows…your next publication could be one of the few that make it around the world!SURVEYSIt may not sound like a groundbreaking work at home technique to drive people to your site, but try and think about surveying in all its variations and potential. Ever noticed how the people that stop you in the street make a lasting impression (be it good or bad!) and at the end of the survey, try to sell you something? I know, it’s annoying but it clearly demonstrates the advantage of social compliance. The survey gives an authoritative position and people are more likely to engage, trust and listen to a complete stranger if it is in the guise of a survey. “They care about my opinion…so it must be good!”People like to be listened to and they often aren’t. Using surveys to give the people a voice will credit your home business with a degree of authority in the active community your niche operates within.Now, do this online and you can not only generate a huge interest by offering a small reward for the completed survey from customers and affiliate marketers alike…but you can also drive a significant amount of very targeted, informed and optimistic traffic to your website.Once all is said and done…you will have a nice database of opinions too!DIRECT MAILDirect mail does not have to be boring or as expensive as you think! In light of recent economical turmoil many mailing specialists are offering a very good discount on their ‘own image’ direct mail services for work at home and small businesses. Put simply, a direct mail marketing campaign could end up costing you around the same…if not less…than a ppc campaign with google. Now, bare in mind with a search engine it is fluid…you may not be the choice forever and equally, 6 months down the line who did click the ad will not remember you. A postcard size Direct Mail however, will give your work at home audience more information than a search engine result summary…it can be put to one side for constant reference…and it can quite effectively drive a healthy amount of traffic to your website or home business phone line.A key point to remember is to attract the attention of the reader and not SELL THEM! Selling should be done at the other end be it on the website or over the phone. I for one, purely because I know better, almost always dispose of Direct Mail that sells me something in the blink of eyelid. Direct Mail that gives me an opportunity to find out more and that promises a profession service…almost always gets a read!Why not link all Top 3 Marketing Techniques together in next months marketing campaign!?These marketing techniques have stood the test of time and as such, remain a valid alternative to reach those who you would not normally attract through pay-par-click, on/offline advertisements and social networks.Everyone knows it’s about quality customers…not necessarily quantity (although both would be nice!)…Work at Home

Direct Marketing – How Can I Make a Killing With Information Products?

If you want to create a lasting business, where you control your destiny, your work hours, and your level of income based on effort, then direct marketing information products is for you. Selling nothing more than ideas in paper and ink, you can create a business empire that will bring in more money than you could ever make with your day job. Read on to find out more.

The key to finding a blockbuster product is to create a lot of them. Even the biggest names in direct marketing only hit home runs about 30% of the time. A good rule of thumb for the success of information products is that out of 10 products, 1-2 will be home runs, 5 will be mediocre, and 3-4 will complete failures. That means that you need to get out there and develop a lot of products. Sure it’s possible that your first product will be a hit right out of the gate, but most-likely it will take you awhile before you find that hot seller.

Once you find your winners, put all of your efforts into marketing them. Fail fast and drop the losers quickly. It is nothing personal, it’s business. Your market does not care how much time you spent on a product. If they don’t like it, they won’t buy it. Drop the losers and let the winners run.

Find or create a system for creating information products quickly. As I said before, you need to fail fast and you need to get as many products to market as you can so your customer will vote with their wallets. Only improve the products that are selling. There is no point in tweaking a product that no one is buying. Use your time wisely and once you have that golden product, use direct marketing to capture your audience and sell that product from every angle you can find. You will be smiling all the way to the bank, but first you are going to have to put in a lot of hard work.

Joshua Black is an on-line infopreneur, marketing consultant, copywriter and educator dedicated to helping the bootstrapping small business owner succeed. He is the developer of the Ultimate Information Product Report. This is a 34-page report that gives you all of the information and free software you need to create and sell your own information product and start generating serious cash in as little as 5 days.