What are the top 5 surf brands in the world?

It seems like surfing has checked all the marks to be called an activity that is considered a timeless classic.

Even today, surfing still remains relevant, all thanks to the companies that pioneered the modern-day surfing scene way back in the late 1960s onwards. Today some of those OG brands are still operating and innovating, making the surfing scene much more exciting each year.

These brands that define surfing today needs to get a highlight in a paragraph or two to briefly showcase their origins, their mission, their passion, their innovations, and their continued dedication to improve surfing for all the surfers around the world. Here are the top 5 surf brands in the world.


In the recent years, Hurley has become a force to be reckoned with in the surfing industry. They are sponsors of some of the world’s biggest surfers such as Filipe Toledo, Kai Lenny, Carissa Moore, and Koa Smith. These athletes dominate the world’s championships. Hurley was started by Bob Hurly in Costa Mesa, California in 1979, and was originally known for their surfboards. They only starting selling clothing and surf apparel in 1999.

Rip Curl

Created by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in 1969 at Torquay, Victoria, Australia, this brand has become an internationally recognized surfing brand. They sell surf products including board shorts, wetsuits, swimwear, and other surf gears and apparel. Also sponsoring some of the world’s best surfers, this brand isn’t looking to stop its momentum anytime soon.


One of the most respected brands in surfing is Billabong. This company started in 1973 in Australia’s Gold Coast. The company got its roots from selling durable board shorts, expanding and exporting to other countries in the later years. Now, Billabong is a proud owner of other surfing brands and still keeps on pumping out high-quality products to surfers all around the world. Men aren’t the only targets of Billabong products. There are Billabong women’s products too, fit for the growing population of female surfers in the world.


Setting its goals in pushing the limits of surf and innovation, O’Neill has secured itself a spot in the top ten brands in the world. They can be credited with the latest innovations in surfing gear like the neoprene wetsuit, rash guard, board leash, and stitch-less board shorts. It’s one of the original American surf brands, but also has its eyes set producing snow and lifestyle apparel.


A skate, snow, surf, and lifestyle brand, Volcom started in 1991. Although they are relatively newer in the industry compared to the other surf brands on this list, they aren’t to be treated lightly. Volcom wants to stay true to its uniqueness and brand credibility, hence they refuse to get bought by other companies. They want to prove their success with their own two feet. And they are absolutely doing it. With high-quality women products able to go on par with billabong women’s wear, they are enjoying a success well-earned.

Multi Level Marketing Companies – Do They Really Work? Secret Revealed

Are you investigating MLM companies? Are you wondering do they really work? Maybe you’ve heard a lot of negative things about multi level marketing companies. Well to tell you the truth a large amount of those stories may be true. You see multi level marketing companies have been around for a long time and they no longer are effective. Now they are not scams, but almost all of them lack the training necessary to be successful and produce the income you a looking for.

Most multi level marketing companies are going to train you to buy leads, bother friends and family to join your business, hand out flyer’s, do cold calls and more that are just flat out not effective and are not what most people were expecting to be doing. One of the reasons most people join multi level marketing is to have more time freedom. Well you definitely can’t have that why you are calling people all day, handing out flyer’s, etc.

That is not the only reason people join multi level marketing companies. They also want more money. What most people don’t know is that the way multi level marketing companies compensation plan are set you do a lot of work for little pay. To make money you need a small army of people in your downline and with the lack of training you get, it is almost impossible to build a downline of 4,000 people to achieve the incomes you read about. This is exactly why people in multi level marketing companies spend more than they make and for the people that do build a small army they are very discouraged by tiny checks. These are reasons why it wouldn’t be a smart decision to join a MLM company.

What you want to look for is the new Internet business model called top tier direct marketing. In top tier direct marketing you don’t have to have an army of 4,000 people to get paid. You don’t have to wait for a monthly check to come, you get paid right away when you make a sell or get a new member. Also most top tier direct marketing companies have the Internet training you need to be successful that multi level marketing companies don’t. Also your product is very important but that is another article. Just make sure your product or service is not something someone can found in a store, a mall or the phone book. An also make sure it is rare, in high demand and is something that people would pay for even if there was no business opportunity tied to it.

So there you have it. The answer to the question, does multi level marketing companies really work and will they create the lifestyle I desire. I’ve been in a few myself at the beginning of my career and found out the hard way. I sincerely hope you received value from this article. Take care and take action.

Omari Taylor is a expert Internet Marketer who is now working with Network Marketing multi-millionaire Jay Kubassek. He loves helping entrepreneurs grow and thrive large scale businesses working from home. He would love to help you!

What Are the Most Important Things to Look For in a Direct Sales or Network Marketing Company?

My oldest son was born in 2000, and ever since then I have been looking for a career that allowed me to be available for him. My criteria are pretty specific. My husband is in the military and does not have the option to just call in sick if the kids are home from school and I have a business meeting to attend. And these days there is the distinct possibility of him being deployed for any length of time. So, I’m the parent who has to be available at the drop of hat (or the beep of a ear thermometer). Flexibility is a key ingredient to my ideal career. I do not want to have to rely on daycare providers being available for me to go to work. Secondly, because of my husband’s career, mine has to be portable. We pick up and move every three years, so I don’t want to worry about having to find something new at our next location. Lastly, I wanted an actual career, not a job. For me, this means money and recognition. I was looking for something that provided unlimited income potential (after all, if you’re talking about an ideal career you might as well shoot for the moon). I also wanted recognition for a job well done from the company. This could be in the form of promotions, bonuses, awards. (I’m not that picky)It’s a tall order, but I’m nothing if not optimistic. My searching led me to the network marketing/direct sales industry. Direct Sales is a huge business, and there is always room for one more. After working with a couple different companies, reading a few books, talking to some experts in the field, earning a few awards, and making some money, I have learned there are some key things a direct sales business needs to offer to help you be successful in your business.1. A Strong Product LineAnd this needs to something you can be passionate about. The more passionate you are, the less you have to “sell” it. It is also important that there is a line of products. Once you have a customer, you want to be able to sell other products to them. And lastly, it is ideal that the products be consumable. Repeat customers are a wonderful thing.2. A Lead Generation SystemMany, many, many companies out there give you the same advice when you get started. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to get started. Unfortunately, if you’re comfortable talking about your business with them in the first place, you will still eventually run out of these people. Where do you go from there? Does the company have a lead system in place, or are you on your own for marketing?3. TrainingThis one can actually piggyback off number 2. Does the company provide ongoing training? It is important to become a product knowledge expert when you are in sales. It is also necessary to learn how to build your business, so you don’t end up hitting that proverbial wall. But even more important is management training. One of the best ways to build your business is through bringing other people into the business. And once they are there, you want to have a strong team. If this doesn’t come naturally for you, does the company offering management or team training?4. Multiple lines of IncomeThis is especially important to keep from burning out. It is also helpful if you find that you excel in one area over another. For instance, you are really good at selling the product but not at recruiting. Or you just gather people to you by breathing, and you’d rather concentrate on that than on selling the product. Can you still make a good income if you specialize?In all my searching, I have found that these are key ingredients to help ensure my success. I have found that I am far more successful in my business when I have all the tools available to me in just one place, rather than having to go find them on my own. It has taken me some time to find exactly what I needed in a company, but persistence and planning definitely pay off.