Organizing Your Office For Your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever looked at your office space and wondered how to organize everything you’ve collected? Or have you looked at your space and thought there is just not enough room for all the information, demo products, samples and resources you have?

I have moved ten times since starting my network marketing business, which means I’ve had ten different office spaces. I’ve also been involved in network marketing since 1983 and my office today is very similar to my office back then.

You’ll need a place for books. I have an awesome collection of books. Some are in a bookcase in our living room, some are in a bookcase in my bedroom and some are in a bookcase in the garage.

The books I keep closest to my desk are those I’m currently reading or those I use on a very regular basis. Some books contain information that I enjoy quoting and teaching to others. Those are the books I want near my desk.

I also keep product information close to my desk. Product information includes catalogs, information sheets, inventory sheets and any other resource that is product related. If someone wants to know about a product whether it’s a customer or a team member, I want the information close by.

I keep very minimal office supplies near my desk. I have one ream of paper, one box of paper clips, one box of catalog envelopes and one box of pens that sit very near to my desk. All other office supplies are kept in a bookcase in another area of the house.

I do have a land line phone that is cordless and can be nearby. For the most part I use my cell phone for business calls and that is always near me.

Network marketing is a product based business. I want those things that are product focused near my desk. Everything else is secondary.

Since I don’t wish for many items to be near my desk it’s very easy to keep the few items I do want organized.

Try de-cluttering the space around your desk. It’s often easier to be more productive with fewer items to distract you.