How to Promote Your Top Tier Direct Sales and Network Marketing Home Based Business

Learning how to make the most of your network marketing business can be a challenge when you are first starting out.. Leads are the lifeblood of our business and it goes without saying that the more traffic you drive to your lead capture webpage the better your chances of making a profit.

If you are fortunate, you have a highly experienced sponsoring consultant who can give you some invaluable advice on marketing ideas. This truly is an absolutely huge benefit that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your marketing and just as important help ensure you are driving traffic to your webpage in short order.

There are many ways you can expose your business to the world – some well travelled and some less well known.

An older but now rejuvenated method is direct mail. In previous times it was often thought of as junk mail but this type of marketing is taking on a new life with top tier direct sales companies. It can be expensive and tiresome if you have to start from the beginning but if you’re lucky enough to be part of a turnkey marketing system that uses this method, a lot of the legwork has already been done for you and it can be a great way to find extremely targeted and receptive prospects.

There is also the option of classified ads in newspapers and magazines. While this can be a reasonably low cost way to advertise your opportunity, to make it worthwhile you have to do your research ahead of time and find the right markets and publications. The good news is, this can all be done online.

Many newcomers make the mistake of running their ads for a few days in the local freebie and not seeing instant results they quickly become frustrated and move on. The key, once you find a suitable vehicle for your ads (here’s a hint – not the free papers), is to be consistent for a period of weeks. If readers see your ad consistently for a period of weeks they will know you’re serious and not a fly-by-nighter. Your response rate will shoot up. If copy writing is not your specialty, either get some qualified help or do what every successful marketer does and keep a swipe file of what the other successful marketers are doing; slightly modify it for your own use and put it to work for you.

A good option especially if you’re brand new can be to purchase leads from a reputable vender. Again, if you have an experienced sponsoring consultant and/or a turnkey marketing system, chances are they will already have a list of tried and trusted lead venders. While this option always tends to be more expensive than self-generated leads, it can be a good way for the newcomer to get some leads in the pipeline and hopefully a sale or two to generate income and fund future marketing efforts.

A type of online advertising that might be used is banner advertising. Banner ads are clickable links that you can place in websites and online newsletters called ezines and to direct traffic to your site. They are a great lower-cost option but again, to make it worthwhile you have to do your homework. Once you determine the right online publications, you must ensure the right position for your ad at a price you can afford. Communicate directly with the ezine publisher for options. You’ll find most are extremely accommodating.

A listing in an online directory so that people who are searching for legitimate top tier direct sales businesses can find you is another low cost option. They tend to get saturated with multiple business opportunities however so choose wisely.

Another type of online marketing but at low or no cost is article marketing. This involves using articles to softly market your business opportunity. You can either write the articles yourself and go to the numerous ghost writer sites and have articles penned for you at very cheap rates. You then submit your work to a few well placed article directories who will review and publish your piece where it can be found by people searching for information on home based businesses and top tier direct sales opportunities. You should never directly market you particular opportunity as this is too blatant and will not be well received by your potential prospects. Instead provide information the searchers can use that will build your creditability and then provide a link to your website and a brief bio in the last paragraph. As you increase the number of articles online, you be amazed how much highly targeted traffic this will drive to your webpage.