Extra Retirement Income in Affiliate Marketing – How Should I Start?

Most people end up researching affiliate marketing as a result of reading about making money online. It is a viable choice for Baby Boomers who want to make some extra retirement income to supplement pensions, Social Security, IRA and/or 401Ks. This article will explore some of the directions investigate when deciding where to begin.

One interesting area a retiree might explore and would function as an introduction to affiliate marketing is called niche stores. This means becoming an an affiliate to one of the well-known online sales organizations, like eBay or Amazon. What you do is choose one very specific area, or niche to promote, like a piece of sports equipment, or a specialized hobby. You create a website with very specific background information and targeted advice. Once this website is built, then follow specific procedures to sign up with a company and through “Internet magic” a live feed appears on the website showing what is available for sale. By exploring this type of marketing, you learn about build a web page, and how to optimize it to get search engines to find you page. Eventually you learn how use key words to write articles and blogs to attract customers.

Another aspect of Affiliate Marketing for creating extra retirement income to investigate is the more risky Pay Per Click (PPC)advertising. For this you should have some disposable income to start out with. In a nutshell, PPC is learning how to write and place those ads found on the right hand side of search engine results. Find a product that has an affiliate program that pays a commission if someone you direct to their site buys anything. You invest money to place the ad; you get paid back for anyone who clicks on that ad. The risk is in hoping more is earned from clicking than was paid out to begin with. You learn about researching a product and keywords when pursuing this track of affiliate marketing.

A final way to look into affiliate marketing is to take an affiliate marketing training course. There are a bunch out there. For a retiree, with no background in marketing, a program that simplifies the whole process and can break it down into spelled out steps or and outline would probably work best. Exactly what to do at step one is described, hopefully with videos and pictures, and then what to do next Anything that is advertised by a certain number of days needs to be considered steps, one step may take one day or may take several days depending on individual learning curves. These system generally teach article marketing where a product is chosen that pays affiliate commission and a campaign is created with articles, blogs, forums and optional websites.

This is a simplified review of three viable directions to pursue once the decision was made to explore affiliate marketing as a way to earn extra retirement income. Please be aware that not one of these is a breeze to learn, all take time, and commitment and a willingness to study something new and different. Riches will not be made in days or even weeks. But in time, these should bring in some extra income for the retiree. Before choosing any direction it is imperative to fully research the product, the credentials of the author and find some believable testimonials.

Organizing Your Office For Your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever looked at your office space and wondered how to organize everything you’ve collected? Or have you looked at your space and thought there is just not enough room for all the information, demo products, samples and resources you have?

I have moved ten times since starting my network marketing business, which means I’ve had ten different office spaces. I’ve also been involved in network marketing since 1983 and my office today is very similar to my office back then.

You’ll need a place for books. I have an awesome collection of books. Some are in a bookcase in our living room, some are in a bookcase in my bedroom and some are in a bookcase in the garage.

The books I keep closest to my desk are those I’m currently reading or those I use on a very regular basis. Some books contain information that I enjoy quoting and teaching to others. Those are the books I want near my desk.

I also keep product information close to my desk. Product information includes catalogs, information sheets, inventory sheets and any other resource that is product related. If someone wants to know about a product whether it’s a customer or a team member, I want the information close by.

I keep very minimal office supplies near my desk. I have one ream of paper, one box of paper clips, one box of catalog envelopes and one box of pens that sit very near to my desk. All other office supplies are kept in a bookcase in another area of the house.

I do have a land line phone that is cordless and can be nearby. For the most part I use my cell phone for business calls and that is always near me.

Network marketing is a product based business. I want those things that are product focused near my desk. Everything else is secondary.

Since I don’t wish for many items to be near my desk it’s very easy to keep the few items I do want organized.

Try de-cluttering the space around your desk. It’s often easier to be more productive with fewer items to distract you.

How to Implement Offline Direct Mail Marketing Campaign For Lead Generation & Direct Response Sales

A large portion of offline direct mail marketing campaign successes largely depends in the preparation of your offer. You must spend time planning your direct mail marketing campaign otherwise it could be a very expensive mistake . Here are a few things you can do to help you ensure your direct mail, offline marketing campaigns win every time.

Steps for creating an offline direct mail marketing campaign:

To start, define your expected outcomes and objectives. What kind of response are you expecting and what did you base your estimated conversions on? Then you need to determine your budget, resources and time lines. Next decide what type of direct mail marketing campaign will be most effective for your product or service.

Here are some suggestions for offline – online direct mail marketing pieces:

  • Post Cards: postcards are a form of direct mail, but it warrants its own category. Postcards are cheaper to produce and mail than full blown direct mail packages or sales letters, and they are great for generating leads.
  • Classified Ads: This is something everyone should be testing in one form or another. It’s great for lead generations. You should still have a strong benefit-driven headline and a clear call to action. Free reports work very well with classifieds.
  • TV and Radio Markets are hotter than ever: National TV and radio spots may be too expensive for you…but there are TONS of local spots waiting to get filled for incredibly cheap prices!
  • Dimensional Mailers: Samples, CD’s and more…
  • Newspaper ads: You can have catchy and bold advertisements printed in newspapers and magazines. Writing just the name of the website can create the desired curiosity to find out more about you.

Each direct marketing piece is used for different purposes and offers. Choose the option that best suits your needs (price, layout, effectiveness, etc). Next you will need to find a mailing list. How you will mail it. How to track your leads also follow up with your leads and convert them to buyers.

Last step of your offline direct response marketing campaign

The most critical step to your successful direct mail marketing is your follow up. This is where most people drop the ball. It is quite easy to do but it requires some preparation. Stay tune for future posts on offline direct marketing follow up tactics.